Wwe randy orton nude photos

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wwe randy orton nude photos

The fact that he just gave up the title shot that he won at the Royal Rumble on a recent episode of Smackdown Live, because he didn't want to face Wyatt, also goes a long way to proving his loyalty to the cause and the big sell of this transition. So do we, that's why Randy Orton nude private photos are making our One of his biggest achievements was winning WWE Heavyweight. Punk brought attention to the fabrication that came along with Orton's tattoos when he did his infamous shoot on his time in the WWE on Colt Cabanna's podcast.

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The fact remains that WWE does want Orton to be sold as a cold, cool tough guy and when you get a picture like this floating around it doesn't help his character's image one bit. Randy Orton Photos - 'The Viper' Randy Orton looks on during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour . Randy Orton naked - Wrestler Pix & Media - via http://bit. The world seemed to stop spinning when Darth Vader said, "No, Luke.

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The Viper is booked as an intense, cold and driven RKO-dropping machine that destroys everything in his path. Randy Orton Photos - 'The Viper' Randy Orton looks on during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour .. Randy Orton naked - Wrestler Pix & Media - via http://bit. The WWE likes to keep the illusion of kayfabe alive, at least until it's time for one of their Superstars to branch off into other forms of media.

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Leave A Comment. This list of Randy Orton pics includes shots of Randy Orton shirtless, as well as jeans and a T-shirt, or Randy Orton in a suit, or even Randy Orton near-nude! in , became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. The WWE Superstars may be celebrities to some, but they are very much real peoplewith their positive attributes and their glaring flaws.

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This is one of those rare times that the WWE supports their roster breaking kayfabe all together. Well, not in WWE star Randy Orton's case it's not! Thoes Pictures of Randy getting his pants ripped off are amazing but. B rowse by C ategory. Nude photo of . There are few things as difficult as selling the idea of a long established Superstar joining an already well-established group that he has nothing whatsoever to do with.

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The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Wrestler Randy Orton is best known for his muscular arms and numerous tattoos. We are delighted to bring you photos of this hottie in a bathtub. Ink" television show getting a new tattoo, but instead the WWE had Orton replace him and get his now infamous sleeves done.

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It was the era of Jerry Springer and "too hot for TV" programming. Randy Orton Nude 31 pics. Check out this awesome wrestling dude named Randy Orton. His nude photos are here for your viewing pleasure. He's very. The WWE has been a long-time supporter of Make-A-Wish, granting terminally ill children everything from meet and greets with their Superstars to event tickets and free swag.

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It was way back in that Randy Orton was given the boot from the Marines, at the young age of 19, for going AWOL and disobeying a commanding officer.

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He prides himself so much on his "creations" that he will rarely let a superstar keep the name they used outside of the WWE when they come in, even if they have the rights to do so. Labels: Randy Orton. Randy Orton Nude picture. Randy Orton Nude Nude Photo Of Ex-WWE Star Surfaces, HBKs Endor.. On His Favorite.

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That's why the often goofy pictures of a Superstar when they were working the independent promotions are ones that WWE would prefer to sweep under the rug. Naked pictures of randy orton. Please hairy women naked on the beach WWE always has their eggs in a lot of baskets, as you might expect from a major . He wants his wrestlers to appear as toned and tough as possible.