Hook up two compressors

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hook up two compressors

Panel Processing. There are sometimes good reasons for connecting two air compressors. A single air compressor may not offer enough flow to supply a higher demand air tool. Commercial Kiln Drying.

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Photo and Image Files. Connecting 2 compressors to get combined pressure and volume. by Yasser ( INDIA). In order to achieve the desired pressure and volume for our pneumatic. The check valves should be installed in the line from each compressor, before the lines connect at the Tee.

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Privacy Policy. This set up would be parallel, right, with the two tanks into one? valves on the outlet of the two compressors and use short hoses to connect. As you use air, the tank air pressure drops.

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The pressure you want requiress specialized components and they would be highly regulated to make sure they are kept in a safe condition at all times. Question I heard a story about connecting two small compressors together in order to increase PSI. Maybe it will be helpful in certain spraying. Difficult to do, Zach, as air lines on different compressor makes and models are different sizes.

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Send a private message to alecmcmahon. Combining two air compressors General Garage Discussion. Powerful 5 HP engine provides up to 10, hours of extended life .. Close the valve, connect the two compressors (with the valve closed there is no leakage). Both air compressors will have a one-way or check valve in their lines before the two lines connect to the single main.

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The check valves should be installed in the line from each compressor, before the lines connect at the Tee. How do I hook up two compressors (V) without blowing a hose or something. Is it just a matter of 'T'ing them together and let each pressure. I have 2 80 gal comps each has a valve at outlet, then rubber hose to a T, then off to the dryer, then off to the shop.

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Wood Waste Handling Equip. I have 2 IR 60 Gallon compressors, each rated somewhere around CFM I can work alot longer with the 2 hooked up, than with just one. Find More Posts by jam0o0.

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Lastly, and I'm sure this has been hashed and hashed and hashed here at some point, is that in deriving what you really have for horsepower on top of these things, you need to figure out the v amperage, and divide by 15 as a very rough rule of thumb.

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Still looking for practical ideas on this part of the setup, though.

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It would make sense but may not necessarily be the best value if this would work. Even 2 V compressors don't seem like enough for plasma cutting if you ever get into gouging or long cuts you will probably never be happy with them.